Board Minutes – August 2022

CVNA Meeting Agenda for August 2022

  • Call meeting to order 
  • Introductions from everyone
  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes
  • Elect officers
  • Elect chairs for committees

Treasurer Report

  • Updates from Jeannie Stroth
  • How many new move ins have we had? 
  • Talk about auto pay for online accounts


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn
  • Ratify Evotes for construction

Covenant violation:

  • Do we have any new covenant violations?

Old Business:

  • Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings
  • New Entrance is almost complete. We will need to start gathering quotes. Need to start moving forward with quotes to be decided after annual meeting. 
  • Lights on Bay Hill Drive along pond bank? 
  • The city is going to install. Are there any updates on time frames? Missy Quinn

New Business

  • Yard of the Month for July 5155 Shane Henry 
  • Annual Meeting will Be at 19th hole 6:00 PM
  • Next meeting is meeting Monday September 12th at the 19th hole @ 530pm 

-6:15pm START Call meeting to order

-Welcome: from Kris Adams

-Introduction of board members: in attendance Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Jeannie Stroth, Steve Scherrey, Latresha Woodruff, Alan Kizer, Harry Smith, and Jessica Nichols. (not in attendance: Amy Fulmer, Melissa Reibe, and Stephen Wallace) 

-Others in attendance: 34 others

-Guest speaker: Chris Harris

-Board members re-elected: Stephen Wallace, Missy Quinn, and Steve Scherrey. Elected new board members: Karla Braswell and David McClain. *Motion to approve, First Bryan Quinn, Second Kyle Ratliff


-New move ins: 0

-Auto payment on website, motion to approve, First Bryan Quinn, Second Kyle Ratliff

-All annual dues collected (274 properties in Centennial)

-Landscaping, flower beds, yard of the month, Christmas lights, Kona Ice, Summer Event Pool Party

-7:12pm END annual meeting

-7:22pm START call meeting to order

-Approve July minutes

-COVENANT VIOLATIONS: Lost Canyon new build violation

-Elect officers: Jeannie Stroth-Treasurer, First Missy Quinn, Second Latresha Woodruff

Kris Adams-President, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Alan Kizer

Missy Quinn-Vise President, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey

Jessica Nichols-Secretary, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey


-Adding Alan Kizer to ACC committee because Harry Smith is leaving

-Approve Kareem & Hanan Kattom, 1820 Warwick Hills Ln, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey

-Think about special projects, entrances, security cameras

-8:27pm Motions to end meeting, First Missy Quinn, Second David McClain