Annual Meeting 2023 – Financials (Budget vs Actual)

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CVNA Budget and Actuals 2018-2023

Annual Meeting 2023 Minutes

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Board Minutes – August 2022

CVNA Meeting Agenda for August 2022

  • Call meeting to order 
  • Introductions from everyone
  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes
  • Elect officers
  • Elect chairs for committees

Treasurer Report

  • Updates from Jeannie Stroth
  • How many new move ins have we had? 
  • Talk about auto pay for online accounts


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn
  • Ratify Evotes for construction

Covenant violation:

  • Do we have any new covenant violations?

Old Business:

  • Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings
  • New Entrance is almost complete. We will need to start gathering quotes. Need to start moving forward with quotes to be decided after annual meeting. 
  • Lights on Bay Hill Drive along pond bank? 
  • The city is going to install. Are there any updates on time frames? Missy Quinn

New Business

  • Yard of the Month for July 5155 Shane Henry 
  • Annual Meeting will Be at 19th hole 6:00 PM
  • Next meeting is meeting Monday September 12th at the 19th hole @ 530pm 

-6:15pm START Call meeting to order

-Welcome: from Kris Adams

-Introduction of board members: in attendance Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Jeannie Stroth, Steve Scherrey, Latresha Woodruff, Alan Kizer, Harry Smith, and Jessica Nichols. (not in attendance: Amy Fulmer, Melissa Reibe, and Stephen Wallace) 

-Others in attendance: 34 others

-Guest speaker: Chris Harris

-Board members re-elected: Stephen Wallace, Missy Quinn, and Steve Scherrey. Elected new board members: Karla Braswell and David McClain. *Motion to approve, First Bryan Quinn, Second Kyle Ratliff


-New move ins: 0

-Auto payment on website, motion to approve, First Bryan Quinn, Second Kyle Ratliff

-All annual dues collected (274 properties in Centennial)

-Landscaping, flower beds, yard of the month, Christmas lights, Kona Ice, Summer Event Pool Party

-7:12pm END annual meeting

-7:22pm START call meeting to order

-Approve July minutes

-COVENANT VIOLATIONS: Lost Canyon new build violation

-Elect officers: Jeannie Stroth-Treasurer, First Missy Quinn, Second Latresha Woodruff

Kris Adams-President, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Alan Kizer

Missy Quinn-Vise President, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey

Jessica Nichols-Secretary, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey


-Adding Alan Kizer to ACC committee because Harry Smith is leaving

-Approve Kareem & Hanan Kattom, 1820 Warwick Hills Ln, First Jeannie Stroth, Second Steve Scherrey

-Think about special projects, entrances, security cameras

-8:27pm Motions to end meeting, First Missy Quinn, Second David McClain

Annual Meeting Minutes – 2021


8/13/2021 6:35 p.m. 

Welcome from Kris Adams, CVNA President  

Introduction of 2020-2021 Board Members 

Steve Scherrey, Vice President; Linda Beene Ballard, Treasurer: Amy 

Fulmer, Secretary; Missy Quinn, Chair of Architectural Control 

Committee; LaTresha Woodruff, Harry Smith, Stephen Wallace



Developer Hal Crafton:  discussed development of the new Centennial addition


New Member Board Elections for 2021-2022: 

Jessica Nichols and Alan Kizer

 2020-2021 Presentation:  

Centennial Valley has 263 properties, 11 more are to be added with new addition

The CVNA Board 2020-2021 completed the following:

– 39 covenant violations sent out, involving 24 different residents with minor issues.  Of the 24 residents 19 complied

– 1 lien filed on a resident 


Accomplishments 2020-2021 

– All entrances decorated for the holidays

– Year round landscaping maintained

– Annual ongoing maintenance of 6 entrances

– Review/Approved 13 requests for new home plans, home additions, pools, outdoor rooms

– $75 gift cards for Halloween and Holidays decorating to residence

– Yard of the month contest for all CVNA homes, May, June, July & August sponsored by GardenScapes gift designs by Kristen 

– Kona Ice snow cones for CVNA kids twice

– CVNA pool party 80 residents attended

– New security cameras systems installed 

– StreetScapes project: Hogan entrance completed September 2020, Lost Canyon completed June 2021

Resident Input 

– More led lighting for better security camera pictures

What are the covenant issues?

– Garbage cans being left out too long is a city issue, being visible from the street is a covenant issue


Budget 2021-2022

– Kris reviewed the budget and requested budget approval and waiving od board member POA dues . Harry Smith moved for approval, Amy Fulmer seconded

Meeting adjourned: 7:25 pm



Annual Meeting Minutes – 2020


8/17/20 6:30 p.m.

Welcome from Kris Adams, CVNA President

Introduction of 2019-2020 Board Members

Steve Scherrey, Vice President; Linda Beene Ballard, Treasurer: Amy

Fulmer, Secretary; Missy Quinn, Chair of Architectural Control

Committee; LaTresha Woodruff, Phyllis Simon, Harry Smith, Stephen Wallace, Molly Steely


Conway Police Chief William Tapley: discussed expanding training for the Conway Police Department, diversity and recruiting

Developer Hal Crafton:  discussed development of the last Centennial addition, 11 lots target March 2021

Chef Bill Temple:  appreciates the support and welcomes suggestions from the neighborhood


  • Mike Smith, General Manager of CVCC and golf course
  • Jason Miller, Golf Course Superintendent
  • Alesha Cavazos, CVCC Director of Events
  • Christy King, 4700 Bay Hill; organizes garage sale
  • Kristen Warner, Garden Scapes, landscaping & entrances
  • Ted Putnam, Putnam Landscaping
  • CH (Cory) Sanders, CPA

New Member Board Elections:

Kris Adams, LaTresha Woodruff, Joey Cook, Melissa Reibe

 2019-2020 Accomplishment Highlights Presentation:  Streetscapes and landscaping highlights, Kona ice truck for the neighborhood kids, neighborhood bear and Easter bunny window hunts

Financial Report: Linda Beene Ballard

Proposed 2020-2021 Budget: Budget approval and waiving of board member POA dues – Brittany Dunaway moved to approve and Ron Glover second

Adjourn and socialize safely!

Time: 7:50

Board Meeting Minutes: Annual Meeting 2016

CVNA Annual Meeting Minutes.2016

Projects 2015-16

Annual Meeting

A general meeting of the Centennial Valley Neighborhood Association is held in early August of each year.  The usual venue is the 19th Hole.  All residents are encouraged to attend and learn about the work of the association.  Elections to fill positions on the CVNA board are held at that time.  A report on the past fiscal year is given and a budget for the new year is presented and voted on by those present.  The annual meeting is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors share your views concerning the needs and priorities of the association.

Annual Meeting Minutes: August 2015

CVNA Annual Meeting Minutes