Board Minutes – March 2024

CVNA March 11, 2024 Minutes

Attendance: Missy Q, Melissa R, Jeannie S, Steve S, Jessica N, Karla B, Terri J, and Allison W (on phone).

-5:34pm called meeting to order

-February meeting minutes approved: 1st Jeannie S, 2nd Karla B.

Treasurer Report

-1 unpaid property dues (Berry Thomas, 5450 Lost Canyon Dr.), lien will be placed on property

-Insurance increase will be up by 36% this year



Covenant violation:

-5430 Lost Canyon Dr. (trash cans being left on street), letter sent

-1680 Warwick Hills (unkept yard), letter sent

Old Business:

Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regularly scheduled meetings.

-letter mail outs for board approved changes to bi-laws in section 4 (280 letters at Conway Copies)

-Tuesday, April 16th from 6-9pm at McGee Center, questions will be heard about changes 

-voting will take place Monday, May 13th (proxy votes will be taken)

New Business:

-get a quote to fix/upkeep sprinklers in neighborhood

-April 8th from 11am-2pm see if food trucks are available for a fun neighborhood gathering (families will pay)

Next meeting:
-6-9pm on Tuesday, April 16th @ the McGee Center

-641pm called meeting to end, approved 1st Jessica N, 2nd Karla B