Board Minutes – January 2024

CVNA January 8, 2024 Minutes

Attendance: Missy Q, Melissa R, Jeannie S, Alan K, Steve S, Jessica N, David M, Karla B, Allison W, Terri J, and Skylar A (on phone)

-5:04pm called meeting to order

-November meetings minutes approved: 1st Terri J, 2nd Alan K.

Treasurer Report

-we still have outstanding dues, emails will be sent out to those people. 

-New move-ins: 5340 Bay Town



Covenant violation:

Old Business:

Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regularly scheduled meetings.

New Business:

-New bid: Gardenscapes landscaping saving $200 month

-New security company quotes: currently paying $174.60 & $96 per month

-Raising Dues: motion to raise dues 1st Jeannie S, 2nd Steve S, all board members in favor of raising dues

***mark your calendar for April 2nd meeting for voting to raise dues

Next meeting:
-530pm on Monday, February 12th

-5:37pm called meeting to end, approved 1st David M, 2nd Melissa R