Board Minutes – February 2024

CVNA Feb 15, 2024 Minutes

Attendance: Missy Q, Melissa R, Jeannie S, Alan K, Steve S, Jessica N, David M, Karla B, Allison W, Terri J, and Skylar A.

-5:50pm called meeting to order

-January meeting minutes approved: 1st Melissa R, 2nd Alan K

Treasurer Report

-3 unpaid property dues



Covenant violation:

-5430 Lost Canyon Dr. (trash cans being left on street)

Old Business:

Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regularly scheduled meetings.

-A motion was made to amend and remove dollar amounts for the yearly due approved: 1st Melissa R, 2nd Jeannie S  

New Business:

-Dues committee will meet in the next two weeks to discuss wording for door hangers, possibly other forms of communication (MailChimp, door hangers, door to door, Facebook, ect.) approved: 1st Missy Q, 2nd Melissa R

-In January meeting/notes: Raising Dues: motion to raise dues 1st Jeannie S, 2nd Steve S, all board members in favor of raising dues, mark your calendar for April 16 meeting for voting to raise dues 

Next meeting:
-530pm on Monday, March 11th

-615pm called meeting to end, approved 1st Jeannie S, 2nd Melissa R