Annual Meeting Minutes – 2021


8/13/2021 6:35 p.m. 

Welcome from Kris Adams, CVNA President  

Introduction of 2020-2021 Board Members 

Steve Scherrey, Vice President; Linda Beene Ballard, Treasurer: Amy 

Fulmer, Secretary; Missy Quinn, Chair of Architectural Control 

Committee; LaTresha Woodruff, Harry Smith, Stephen Wallace



Developer Hal Crafton:  discussed development of the new Centennial addition


New Member Board Elections for 2021-2022: 

Jessica Nichols and Alan Kizer

 2020-2021 Presentation:  

Centennial Valley has 263 properties, 11 more are to be added with new addition

The CVNA Board 2020-2021 completed the following:

– 39 covenant violations sent out, involving 24 different residents with minor issues.  Of the 24 residents 19 complied

– 1 lien filed on a resident 


Accomplishments 2020-2021 

– All entrances decorated for the holidays

– Year round landscaping maintained

– Annual ongoing maintenance of 6 entrances

– Review/Approved 13 requests for new home plans, home additions, pools, outdoor rooms

– $75 gift cards for Halloween and Holidays decorating to residence

– Yard of the month contest for all CVNA homes, May, June, July & August sponsored by GardenScapes gift designs by Kristen 

– Kona Ice snow cones for CVNA kids twice

– CVNA pool party 80 residents attended

– New security cameras systems installed 

– StreetScapes project: Hogan entrance completed September 2020, Lost Canyon completed June 2021

Resident Input 

– More led lighting for better security camera pictures

What are the covenant issues?

– Garbage cans being left out too long is a city issue, being visible from the street is a covenant issue


Budget 2021-2022

– Kris reviewed the budget and requested budget approval and waiving od board member POA dues . Harry Smith moved for approval, Amy Fulmer seconded

Meeting adjourned: 7:25 pm