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Board Minutes – June 2021

CVNA Meeting Minutes for June 2021 


X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; 

R” Representative attended; “G” Guest


Kris Adams 


Missy Quinn 

X LaTresha Woodruff

Vice President 

Linda Beene 



Steven Wallace A Joey Cook

Amy Fulmer 


Harry Smith A Jeannie Stroth
Melissa Reibe A Steve Scherrey


  • Meeting called to order at 5:37PM 
  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes – Linda Ballard moved for approval, Harry Smith second 

Treasurer Report: 

  • Updates from Linda Beene – sent before meeting, updated us on street scapes – will be paid before July. 
  • Lien for dues filed on 5525 Whistling straights on 5/28/2021 


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn 
  • front of house updates approve ratify, Harry moved for approval, Melissa second 
  • Derek Nichols on Lost Canyon, fence is approved, Harry moved for approval, Melissa second

Covenant violation: 

  • Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected Make sure trash cans are not visible from the street or visible to the neighbors o 5505 and 5515 Lost Canyon – trash can violation, letter will be sent 

o 1800 Warwick – fence boards need to be stained 

o 5480 Lost Canyon – trash can violation 

o 1620 Warwick – garden issues 

City code enforcement called, they said it is not an issue and doesn’t violate any codes 

CVNA has no basis to send letter to take further action on garden 

complaints. Case is closed and is considered a neighbor issue. CVNA has done all we can to address the situation, but the garden does not violate neighborhood covenants. 

Old Business: 

  • Ratify any Evotes 
  • Do we have any new move in homeowners to be visited by Joey? Can we get the addresses over to him? – List has been given to Joey. 
  • Melissa will email Nancy the CPA to get new move in updates each month. Reminder of move in fees for new home owners at annual meeting 

o CVNA will come up with an August meeting agenda, and ask for 

suggestions from the neighborhood 

o $550 – new move to a house 

o $550 – relocate in neighborhood 

o $300 – new construction 

o $250 yearly dues

New Business 

  • June 5235 Lost Canyon Kinley’s 
  • Kona Ice Day for kids was a success. The total was $183.00 

o Need more notice on when they are coming for more success 

  • Updates from Missy on Summer block party kickoff. Vendors, dates and location Do we need volunteers? Wrist bands ect? 

o To block off street, there is not enough plug ins 

o We can rent Centennial Valley Country Club Gazebo, eat for $12-$15 a person, it will be a private party, swim with lifeguards. 

o Date set for Thursday, July 1, 2021 6pm-8pm 

o Harry motioned to approve the gazebo idea up to $3000, Linda second for summer block party. 

  • Streets Scapes project for Lost Canyon. Do we have an installation date? Rained for 2 weeks, they are behind schedule 
  • Garden Scapes added more flowers to most of the entrances. Kris did not like the way everything looked bare, so he requested to add more color to the entrances Annual meeting date will be Wednesday, August 18, 2021. We need to show positions that are open for renewal, and let anyone interested being on board to let their interest be known by a certain date to be considered. 
  • Next meeting July 12th,2021 at 5:30 pm 

Meeting adjourned, Melissa motioned, Latricia second. 

Board Minutes – May 2021

     CVNA Meeting Minutes for May 2021


X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent;

 “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest


Kris Adams President A

Missy Quinn

Vice President

X LaTresha Woodruff

Linda Beene Ballard


X Steven Wallace A Joey Cook

Amy Fulmer


Harry Smith x Jeannie Stroth
X Melissa Reibe x Steve Scherrey



  • Call meeting to order – 5:35
  • Hearing for Scott Taylor – unnecessary he paid his dues

                          Vickers – no showed so another lien is being filed

                                             Anderson – paid for dues


  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes – Steve Scherrey moved for approval, Steven Wallace second 



Treasurer Report:

  • Updates from Linda Beene – sent before meeting
  • Liens to be filed on anyone not paid dues by EOD 5/10/2021 – Vickers $750.00



  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn – no updates

Covenant violation:

  • Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected – no updates


Old Business:


  • Ratify any Evotes – N/A
  • Email address still not working? Do we need to change our email address on the website until this is fixed? Did we get a new Gmail account? – new email address effective in 30 days


    • Melissa add Minutes to web page for April once approved – Done


  • Do we have any new move in homeowners to be visited? Linda provided a new list who can enter those for update and visit the residents for welcoming to the neighborhood? – Melissa updated the list and sent to Joey for visits


  • Reminder of move in fees for new home owners at annual meeting – noted

New Business


  • YOM 5220 Bay Town Bill & Marsha Keopple picked by Gaden Scapes 
  • YOM complaints by Jackie Hattlestad – N/A
  • New control box for sprinkles at Hogan entrance – done
  • Trash Can installed at the dog box on Warwick- done
  • Stolen mail out of mailboxes – no solution, just neighborhood awareness
  • Garden issue behind home multiple complaints @ 1620 Warwick – neighbors complaining about rats, several animals killed by rat poison. Kris asking Shane Henry for legal advice – LaTresha moved that we pay for the legal advice Jeannie second
  • Kona Ice day? Approved 3 times this year – Proposed $350-$400 up to $1200 a year.  Steven Wallace moved to approve and Steve Scherrey second
  • Projects for the summer – nothing yet
  • Do we have a date on the Street Scapes project on Lost Canyon yet? Missy – Cost $10,700, project will start if we can get a date of work complete by Friday July 16th, Steve Scherrey moved for approval Melissa seconded
  • Do we have the cost for the security cameras for the internal entrances yet? – waiting on response from Conway Corp. for internet
  • Updates from Missy on a Neighborhood cookout. Who, what, where how much? Missy will get dates pricing kris call city on blocking off streets– Missy getting details on possible food truck
  • Next meeting June 14th, 2021 at 5:30 pm – Meeting adjourned 6:41, Steven Wallace moved for approval, Jeannie seconed