Board Minutes – November 2022

11-14-2022 CVNA MINUTES

ATTENDANCE: Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Steve Scherrey, Melissa Reibe, LaTresha Woodruff, Alan Kizer, Jeannie Stroth, Jessica Nichols, Karla Braswell, David McClain
-534pm Called meeting to order
-October minutes approved by Jeannie Stroth and Steve Scherrey

1 move-in: The Kizer’s 5470 Wingfoot Cove
2 have not closed yet: The Wallace’s 5215 Bay Hill Dr. and The Brownd’s 5405 Wingfoot
Report attached: aging summary list, statement of assets/liabilities/net assets
Reimbursement of dog bag shipment to Kris Adams: approved by Steve Scherrey and Alan Kizer

-ACC: nothing to report

-COVENANT VIOLATIONS: nothing to report

Estate entrances to do list (plants, camera’s, sprinklers)
Pond bank lighting (Missy Quinn will call Conway Corp to check on status)

Solar Panels Committee: Steve Scherrey, Alan Kizer, David McClain
Yard Sign Committee: Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, LaTresha Woodruff, Karla Braswell
Moving out of state and leaving board – Steven Wallace (need to add another member)
Hogan entrance wreck – update
Bay Hill email quote of $16,277. 45 – approved by Steve Scherrey and David McClain
Lawsuit dropped update – 5220 Lost Canyon Dr. and 5230 Lost Canyon Dr.
Sprinklers winterized

-next meeting Jan 9th at 530pm
-645pm motion to adjourn, approved by Melissa Reibe & Jeannie Stroth