Board Minutes – January 2023

1-10-2023 CVNA MINUTES
Kris Adams, Steve Scherrey, Alan Kizer, Jeannie Stroth, Jessica Nichols, Karla Braswell
-6:05pm Called meeting to order
-November minutes approved by Jeannie Stroth and Kris Adams

Gainor – C1, 2, 3 follow up by Kris
Past due – Accountant will send out notices
Collecting fee charges for electronic payments

nothing to report

4330 Bay Hill dog without leash
Yard signs need to be removed when business is done
Bay Hill new fence (golf course side)
Fairways trees are getting too big and need trimmed
Fairways entrance trees have bag worms

Estate entrance quotes – (to do list plants, camera’s, sprinklers) we have extra funds set aside for this

Entrance recommendations – (Fairways) Karen Hicks

Other project ideas

Solar Panels Committee: submitted guidelines, board made adjustments and voted to take guidelines to attorney, approved by Jeannie Stroth & Jessica Nichols
Think about changes that are needed for POA and have approval by attorney:
-add any day of the week for meeting but it will be 2nd week of the month
-add 2/3 vote

Add new board member

Security camera’s have helped with several issues and the police have utilized them as well
Complete Hogan work
Garden Scapes is complete
Centennial entrance: Christmas lights
Hogan entrance: sprinklers on

Feb 13 at 530pm
-7:36pm motion to adjourn, approved by Alan Kizer & Jeannie Stroth