Board Minutes – August, 2019

Date: August 12, 2019      Time: 6:00 p.m.      Place: CVCC
President: Kris Adams      Secretary: Amy Fulmer      Treasurer: Linda Beene Ballard

“X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest
X Kris Adams X Missy Quinn X LaTresha Woodruff
X Steve Scherrey X Phyllis Simon
X Amy Fulmer X Harry Smith
X Linda Beene Ballard X Molly Steely
X Jerry Dumais A Stephen Wallace

Summary of Topics, Decisions/Conclusions and Next Step/Action:

Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Kris
Approval of minutes

For monthly meeting of July 15, 2019 – Harry moved for approval of minutes, Linda seconded, and passed. Amy forwards to Phyllis who posts to web.
Financial reports, dues payments

Mindy filed a lien on the Vickers property for failure to pay dues 2018-2019 dues, More covenant violations discussed: ice cream truck, chain-link dog fence that have been ignored. Kris to follow up.

Fence Proposal

Woosley fence proposal. 3ft and 5ft iron gates agreed upon within their property. Jerry moved for approval, Linda seconded, and passed. Jerry will notify owner.

Arrangement for legal counsel

Mindy Pipkin with provide legal assistance to board as needed. Linda moved for approval, Jerry seconded, and passed.  Linda will notify Mindy.

Additional sidewalk cleaning costs

Additional $150 cost for biodegradable solution in addition to the $500 agreed upon made payable to Jason.  Jerry moved for approval Linda seconded, and passed. Jerry will work with contractor

Review of agreement and cost projections with Interactive Security

Discussion of CVNA security system, past actions, current status, and future needs. Steve Scherrey will assist Kris.

Discussion of covenant violation process

Board will review current practices with the goal being adoption of clearer board policy.

Road Repair

Repairing asphalt patches on Centennial Club and Sawgrass Cove.  City should pay for street repairs. Linda to provide website of repair order.

Drainage Ditch

The drainage ditch south of Bay town, between Warwick Hills and Burnt Pine needs to be cleared. It is the property owner’s responsibility. Kris sending a letter stating 60-day deadline.

Motor home removal

Homeowner needs to remove motor home. Kris and Steve are following up with family member to speed up this process
Consolidation of CVNA Records and implementation of Board access

In progress. Kris and Phyllis working on this.

La Tresha moved to adjourn, Kris second and passed. Next meeting will be September 16. 2019 @ 6 p.m. at the CVCC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
By: _Amy Fulmer _____ Date: August 12, 2019