Board Minutes – April, 2018

“X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest
X Linda Beene Ballard X Jerry Dumais X Ed Ellis
X Mindy Pipkin X Phyllis Simon
X Molly Steely X Ted Smith
X Peggy Woosley X LaTresha Woodruff
X Kris Adams A Wayne Mannis

Summary of Topics, Decisions/Conclusions and Next Step/Action:

Call to Order Meeting was called to order by Linda.
Approval of minutes For monthly meeting of March 12, 2018. Peg moved for approval of minutes, Jerry seconded, and passed. Mindy forwards to Phyllis who posts to web. Mindy, Phyllis
E-votes Ratified e-votes on lien settlement and landscaping at new entrance. Kris moved for approval of $3000 lien settlement, Ted seconded, and passed.

Molly moved for approval of new entrance landscaping, Phyllis seconded, and passed
Linda notifies title company

Linda notifies Plant Outlet of Board decision

Financial reports and Annual Dues Ted reviewed the CPA’s financial statements. Discussed two homeowners with unpaid dues. Ted moved to postpone action on unpaid dues pending the uncertain status of each home, Jerry seconded, and passed.
Yard Improve. Discussed two homes with substantial yard issues: 4550 Sawgrass Cove and 1760 Centennial Club. Ed moved to notify owners of covenant violation, Peggy seconded, and passed Linda notifies homeowners Linda
AAC Discussed request from 5245 Burnt Pine. Ed & Jerry met to address application deficiency and now recommend approval of the application. Ed moved to approve application for 5245 Burnt Pine, Phyllis seconded, and passed.
Off-duty police officers Discussed amount for off-duty police officers ($30 to $60 per hour) to patrol the neighborhood. Further discussed one homeowner’s concern/request to spend resources to address unauthorized use of golf carts. Jerry moved to approve 8 hours per week for off-duty officers beginning May 15, 2018, LaTresha seconded, and passed. Notify Conway Police Dept

(CPD later declined our request to pay for extra patrol, will provide as part of normal work) LaTresha, Linda
Business and/or Political Signs Discussed enforcement of covenants; particularly, discussed removal of large signs. Molly and Peg will identify large signs. Mindy will contact the homeowners. Molly, Peg, & Mindy
Insurance Ted reported that $1,302 annual quote for liability coverage at all entrances and sliver lot. Peg moved to obtain coverage, Kris seconded, and passed Ted will notify Farris Agency. Ted
Summary of Standards Ed reported that a draft is completed, but the board members will need to read and review the covenants.
Yard of the Month Kris announced that 5510 Whistling Straights was the winner for the yard of the month. Kris will notify the homeowner. Kris
Annual Garage Sale Discussed the annual garage sale will take place on June 1 – 2, 2018. Christy King will handle the advertisements, etc.
Boulder Linda reported that this is a work-in-progress. Linda
Adjourn Kris moved to adjourn, Phyllis seconded, and passed. Next meeting will be May 14, 2018 @ 6 p.m. at the CVCC.

The annual meeting will be August 6, 2018.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
By: _Mindy Pipkin _____ Date: April 9, 2018