Annual Meeting Minutes – 2018

CVNA Annual Meeting Minutes
August 6, 2018
President Linda Beene Ballard welcomed members of the Centennial Valley Neighborhood Association and provided an agenda for the meeting as well as presentation of accomplishments during the 2016-17 year. Major projects including installing utilities for the new entrance, painting 80 mailboxes in Phase I of CV, providing seminars on issues of interest to CV residents like Bark Scale on Crape Myrtles and delivery of gifts to 13 new CV families were reported.
Mayor Bart Castleberry gave a report of recent Conway projects, and Chief Jody Spradlin of the Conway Police Department reported on low crime in our area. He mentioned again this year the Smart911 app for all residents and pets, valid in Conway and all US police districts.
Financial reports for the past year and budget for 2018-19 were presented and approved on motion by Harry Smith, seconded by Janie Craddock. Charlotte Nabholz moved, Bryan Quinn seconded and passed to forgive annual dues for those elected Board members who attend at least 8 of the 11 scheduled board meetings each year. Motion by Shane Henry, seconded by Brian Quinn and passed to elect Linda Beene Ballard and Phyllis Simon to another three-year term ending 2021.
Discussion of residents’ priorities, ideas and concerns continued, and meeting was adjourned at 7:30 with socializing continuing.