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Board Minutes – April 2024

CVNA April 25, 2024 Minutes
Attendance: Missy Q, Melissa R, Jeannie S, Steve S, David M, Alan K, Skylar A, Karla B, and Allison W.
-5:04pm called meeting to order
-March meeting minutes approved: 1st David M, 2nd Melissa R.
Treasurer Report
-Roughly have $36K in bank, at 60% of our yearly budget (4mths remaining)
-Items that will exceed budget: legal fees from 2021/22 & 2022/23 (invoices will be paid from the 2024 legal budget  totaling $1700, insurance premium increase was approved for 2024/25 property & casualty insurance (policies were shopped and our existing policy is still our best option)
-all dues are paid! (Cost of certified letter to notify of delinquent dues are the only out standing items
-1 new move in
Covenant violation:
-5345 Burnt Pine (dogs becoming dangerous to the neighborhood. Owners are asked to please keep all pets contained to prevent future attacks. Dogs must be leashed or kept inside a fenced area. Animal Welfare has been contacted), letter sent
Old Business:
Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regularly scheduled meetings.
-proposed Bylaw and dues increase discussion
-directing all members to the website for information regarding changes and voting questions
-voting will take place Monday, May 13th (proxy votes will be taken), all votes will conclude at this May meeting
New Business:
-time to get landscaping bids for 2024/25 year
Next meeting:
-6pm on Monday, May 13th @ the McGee Center
-615pm called meeting to end, approved 1st Alan K, 2nd Melissa R