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Board Minutes- August 2023

Annual Meeting 2023 – Financials (Budget vs Actual)

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CVNA Budget and Actuals 2018-2023

Annual Meeting 2023 Minutes

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Board Minutes – July 2023

CVNA July 2023 Minutes

Attendance: Kris A, Alan K, David M, Jessica N, Melissa R, Allison W, Jeannie S, Steven S
LaTresha J, and Missy Q (by phone)

-5:41pm called meeting to order

-June meetings minutes approved: 1st Alan K, 2nd Jeannie S

Treasurer Report

-272 homes in neighborhood, all dues collected.

-over budget for physical year, adjust new physical year budget

-make adjustments to Summer Bash bill because it was incorrect

-no new move ins


-5325 Lost Canyon Dr, fence approved: 1st David M, 2nd Alan K
-5495 Wingfoot, house plans approved: 1st Melissa R, 2nd Steven S

Covenant violation:

-5105 Lost Canyon, noise/car complaint/party
-5335 Lost Canyon, mailbox needs repairs
-5305 Burnt Pine, rock wall
-5345 Burnt Pine, ramp

Old Business:

Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings.

-Working on 5yrs project plan

New Business:

-Welcoming Committee: welcome package/gift, coordinate a working system with Nancy (CPA) on all new move-ins

-current vote count for covenants: 83

-new board members: need to fill at least 1 position

-no pipes underground, Wingfoot (per Hal Crafton)

-Yard of the Month: 4660 Sawgrass Cv – Arnolds Family

-planning annual meeting for about 50 people

Next meeting:
6pm, Monday, Aug 14th @ the 19th Hole

-6:39pm adjourn meeting: approved 1st David M, 2nd Alan K

Board Minutes – June 2023

Meeting CVNA June  12, 2023 



Kris Adams , Steve Scherrey, Missy Quinn, Melissa Reibe, Alan Kizer, Jeanie Stroth, Allison Worthen, David McClain, and Karla Braswell(by phone). 


Kris called the meeting to order at 5:37 PM. 

Approval of May Minutes. 1st Jeanine Stroth 2nd Steve Scherry


Treasurer Report: 

-All dues have been paid.

-Looking at shifting budget for next year to include a breakout for Landscaping.

-Motion received to accept early foreclosure fee to move to higher yielding account.





Covenant Violations: 

-Steve Scherry will bring records of violations and addresses to July Meeting

-5255 Burnt Pine – Trailer in Driveway

-5305 Burn Pine – Rockwall fell down/ Trash Can visible.


Old Business: 

Summer Party was a Success.


New Business:

-Welcome Committee: welcome package/gift, coordinate a working system with Nancy(CPA) on all new move ins.

-Evote approval for Annual Summer Meeting

-Evote approval for budget overage.

-Address Trash in Dumpster

-Emergency Sprinkler Repair on Centennial Club.

-Submit ideas for 5 year project plan.

-Yard of the Month:Crowder Family 1720 Centennial Club

-Next meeting July 10,2023. 

-Annual Meeting August 14,2023.