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Board Minutes – May 2023

CVNA May 2023 Minutes
Attendance: Kris Adams, LaTresha Woodruff-Johnson, Alan Kizer, David McClain, Missy Quinn, Jessica Nichols, Karla Braswell (by phone)
-5:39pm called meeting to order
-April meetings minutes approved: 1st David McClain, 2nd Missy Quinn
Treasurer Report
-Paid dues: Berry Thomas @ 5450 Lost Canyon Dr.
-All dues are collected for neighborhood
Covenant violation:
-Steve Scherrey will bring records of violations and addresses to June meeting
-No current actions to be made
Old Business:
Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings
-Solar Panels & yard sign details in covenants: meeting with lawyers & as many board members as possible within next 2 weeks (before June meeting).
New Business
-Welcoming Committee: welcome package/gift, coordinate a working system with Nancy (CPA) on all new move-ins
-5450 Lost Canyon Dr: Noise complaint
-Golf Cart accident: working with city attorney, information about what to do within neighborhood
-Centennial Club entrance: completed for new look
-Pond bank on Bay Hill Drive: looking for low vault lighting that will be permanently installed
-Summer Kickoff Block Party: Thursday, June 1st from 7pm-9pm, Free Kona Ice for all in attendance, food/drinks, live music
-Yard of the Month: 5265 Burnt Pine – Brian & Dana
-Garage Sale dates: TBD but either June 2-3rd or June 9-10th, NO SIGNS
Next meeting: 5:30pm, Monday, June 12th @ the 19th Hole
-7:03pm adjourn meeting: approved 1st David McClain, 2nd Alan Kizer

Board Minutes – April 2023

CVNA April 2023 Minutes
Attendance: Kris Adams, Melissa Reibe, Jeannie Stroth, LaTresha Woodruff-Johnson, Steve Scherrey, Alan Kizer, David McClain, Karla Braswell, Jessica Nichols, Allison Worthen
-5:45pm called meeting to order
-Ratify Evotes for new board member Allison Worthen: approved 1st Alan Kizer, 2nd David McClain
-March meetings minutes: approved 1st Jeannie Stroth, 2nd Melissa Reibe

Treasurer Report
-Spend money on entrance of Wingfoot
-No new move ins
-Unpaid dues (1 for neighborhood): Berry Thomas @ 5450 Lost Canyon Dr.
-Wingfoot: Gainor’s sidewalk going in
Covenant violation:
-Yard signs: Centennial Club Dr. has grass work sign, Whistling Straits has political sign letter being sent to both
-Scott Taylor basketball goal letter being sent
Old Business:
Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings
-Lights on Bay Hill Drive along pond bank needs approval from Entergy
-Solar Panels & yard sign details in covenants: waiting on Lawyer’s language
New Business
-Welcoming Committee setup: bring idea’s to board at next meeting, welcome package/gift
-Bay Town entrance: new soil
-Fairway entrance: has a plan in place for growth
-Flowers for Spring/Summer will start being planted this week
-Ratify Evote on Sprinkler bid for Wingfoot $3273.90 to Thessing Lawn & landscape: approved 1st Steve Scherrey, 2nd Melissa Reibe
-Sprinklers are turned on and some repairs needed at the Hogan entrance total $436.52: approved 1st Steve Scherrey, 2nd David McClain
-New lighting: Warwick $1634.36 plus $1050.00 to Conway Corp = $2684. 36: approved 1st Steve Scherrey, 2nd Jeannie Stroth
-New lighting: Hogan $1889.30: approved 1st Alan Kizer, 2nd Steve Scherrey
-New lighting: Centennial Club $2085.88: approved 1st Melissa Reibe, 2nd Steve Scherrey
-Concerns by Hal Crafton in the Neighborhood: Golf Carts being operated by kids on the streets, golf carts at the late-night hours on the course, illegal dumping at the club house gym and at the end (west side) of Lost Canyon Dr., coming to the club house parking lot area: Pickle Ball Courts
-Summer Kickoff Block Party: planning Karla Braswell
-Annual Kona Ice event for the kids: 2-3x this summer, 1st time at Summer Kickoff Block Party
-Yard of the Month: 1740 Centennial Club Dr. – Forrester Family
-Garage Sale dates: TBD but either June 2-3rd or June 9-10th, NO SIGNS

Next meeting: 5:30pm, Monday, May 8th @ the 19th Hole
-6:48pm adjourn meeting: approved 1st Steve Scherrey, 2nd Jessica Nichols

Board Minutes – March 2023

MARCH 13, 2023
Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Alan Kizer, LaTresha Woodruff, Melissa Reibe, David McClain, Karla Braswell, Steve Scherrey
-5:39pm Called meeting to order
-February minutes approved by Alan Kizer and Steve Scherrey
Updates from Jeannie Stroth
● All dues are paid up except for Barry Thomas. Will reach out again.
● Move from past few months:

New Owners
Jeffrey & Arlona Sturdivant
Joshua & Dayna Gotlieb
Troy and Karla Braswell
Billy & Jennifer Broach
Alan Kizer
Gary & Jynda Swanner
Drew and Lauren Gainor
John & Carla Blackwell
Robert & Ann Lee

5325 Burnt Pine 5090 Oakhurst Drive 5470 Whistling
4125 Bay Hill Drive 5470 Wingfoot Cove 5215 Bay Town
5405 Wingfoot Cove 5455 Whistling
4550 Sawgrove

Updates for approval from Missy Quinn
● Jim and Kara Campbell at 5430 Wingfoot submitted a form for a pool house.
Approved – Motion Melissa Reibe, 2nd Missy Quinn
● 5210 Baytown Murphy Trash Cans in front of garage/corrected
● 5145 Baytown Pipkin Trash Cans in front of garage/corrected
● 5435 Whistling Straits – basketball goal in yard reported. Will address the owner.
● Lights on Bay Hill along the pond bank will need to be approved by Entergy, not Conway Corp. ● Solar panels and yard signs will be addressed on covenant revision, we are waiting on our lawyer to go forth with revising.
● We are looking for new members for the Centennial Valley Neighborhood Association Board. We need ONE immediate member, and then TWO spots will be available in August. Melissa will make a facebook post.
● Pothole Fixed on Plantation Cove. If we see any other potholes that need fixing, report it to Kris Adams. ● Blue Street Lights in the neighborhood – Kris spoke with Conway Corp and they will be replacing these blue lights. They explained that this is a manufacturer defect and this happens when glue melts on the led bulb. The lights were not this color when they installed them. If you notice Conway Corp trucks driving by in the evenings it is because they are trying to locate all of the lights that have this issue. They are reaching out to the lighting company to have them replace their defective light bulbs, so we don’t have a timeline yet on when they will be fixed.
● We need a welcoming committee for new homeowners that move to Centennial. Board will work on figuring out a way to accurately know when someone moves in. Also, work on getting the Title Company or our Accountant to provide us with names and contact info of new homeowners.
● Replace lighting on entrance of neighborhood on CVCC/Hogan entrance – it is not working. ● Garden Scapes provided us with landscape quotes for the Wingfoot, Tyler, and Club entrances – the total is quoted at around $17,575. This money will come out of our special project budget. Alan motioned to approve this, and Melissa 2nd to finish this special project.
● Yard of the Month to be continued by Kristen with Garden Scapes, starting in April through September. ● Next meeting is at 5:30PM, Monday, April 10th at the 19th Hole.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:25PM. Latresha motioned, Steve 2nd to adjourn.