Board Minutes – September 2021

     CVNA Meeting Minutes for September 2021


X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent;

 “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest



Kris Adams


Vice President

Missy Quinn

X LaTresha Woodruff


Jeannie Stroth

X Steven Wallace



Jessica Nichols

Alan Kizer



Amy Fulmer

Harry Smith X Jeannie Stroth
X Melissa Reibe x Steve Scherrey


Call meeting to order at 5:34 pm

Go over and approve last meetings minutes- moved for approval by Harry second by Alan


Treasurer Report:

Updates: Linda Beene is no longer a check signer for the CVNA board Jeannie Stroth is now the treasure

Insurance renewal for CVNA board Officers and Directors – moved for approval by Jeannie second by Alan




Updates for approval from Missy Quinn—1945 Centennial Club screened porch/outdoor kitchen.  Harry moved for approval Missy second


 Covenant violation:

Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected – N/A

New Business:

Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 scheduled meetings: Kris discussed with board members

Kris, Missy and Jeannie going to the bank to show ID for check signing – Kris and Missy are good Jeannie needs to go with minutes showing she is now the CVNA board Treasure as stated above 

Coordination with Hal on new entrance and timelines – Missy contacting Hal

Yard of the month – The Moore’s Lost Canyon Dr.

5545 Whistling Straight Dr. (Vickers) – house sold and closed 9/15 lien money pending 

Getting new quotes for the neighborhood landscaping – Alan asking for a quote from Outdoor World   

Bring new ideas for projects to meeting in October – getting quotes for Centennial Club maintenance, possible flagpole – Kris contacting Bill Tipton about money previously collected

Next meeting is October 11th 5:30 pm

Meeting Adjourned at 6:35 – moved for approval by Jeannie second by Steven W.