Board Minutes – October 2022

10-10-2022 CVNA MINUTES

ATTENDANCE: Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Steve Scherrey, Melissa Reibe, LaTresha Woodruff, Jeannie Stroth, Jessica Nichols, Karla Braswell, David McClain
-542pm Called meeting to order
-September minutes approved by Jeannie Stroth and David McClain

-GUEST: Charles Finkenbinder – neighborhood safety/watch on social media

-TREASURER REPORT: report attached,
4 move-in’s: The Gotlieb’s 5090 Oakhurst Dr., The Sturdirant’s 5325 Burnt Pine, The Braswell’s 5470 Whistling Straits, The Broach’s 4125 Bay Hill Dr.
$10K regular dues still owed, $14K collected, $4200 extra fee

-ACC: nothing to report

-COVENANT VIOLATIONS: Christmas light are down at 4405 Bay Hill, Flower beds resolved at 5250 Burnt Pine, in the spring (February) talk about Burnt Pine ditch behind 8 homes

-NEW COVENANT VIOLATIONS: nothing to report

-OLD BUSINESS: nothing to report

-NEW BUSINESS: American flags at entrances – get quotes, approved by Steve Scherrey & Melissa Reibe
Hogan entrance wreck – insurance claim 10K, total damage $10,518.27
Start process to amend policy change of covenants – approved by David McClain & LaTresha Woodruff
Landscaping contract – $26,421.37, approved by Jeannie Stroth & Steve Scherrey
Christmas lights on entrances within neighborhood – quote $3097.80 per Missy Quinn, Christmas décor approved by Melissa Reibe & Jeannie Stroth

-743pm motion to adjourn, approved by Missy Quinn & Jeannie Stroth