Board Minutes – July, 2020

DATE: July 13, 2020        TIME: 6:00 p.m.         PLACE: CVCC
PRESIDENT: Kris Adams         SECRETARY: Amy Fulmer         TREASURER: Linda Beene Ballard

“X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest
X Kris Adams    X Missy Quinn    X LaTresha Woodruff   X Stephen Wallace   X Steve Scherrey   X Phyllis Simon  A Molly Steely

X Amy Fulmer    X Harry Smith   X Linda Beene Ballard


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Kris

Special Guest Chef Bill CVCC

Approval of minutes

Approval of June meetings minutes          Harry moved for approval of minutes, Linda second

Treasurer Report

Updates from Linda: $5K predicted to remain in budget for FY if no major repairs.

We have $41K plus interest in CD’s that mature 6/26/20. Steve looking into investment ideas for the $41K.

Linda, Kris, Steve meeting with CPA 7/22/20.

Cloud access $29.99 monthly possibly prepaid for 3 months at a time to help with billing errors     Linda moved for approval, Harry second


No new submissions

Covenant Violations

5115 Burnt Pine trash cans stored at the garage. Letter has been sent     Kris/Phyllis

4665 Sawgrass cove trash cans stored at driveway. Letter has been sent     Kris/Phyllis

5225 Lost Canyon trash cans stored at the driveway Letter has been sent     Kris/Phyllis

4735 Bay Hill drive flower beds over grown Letter has been sent     Kris/Phyllis

4675 Sawgrass trailers in back yard golf course lot: Certified letter returned but and sent another email for a hearing. This has since been corrected and a hearing will not be necessary    Kris/Phyllis

5480 Lost Canyon: Should the violations occur again, trash cans, trailer, stumps, homeowner will receive no further warnings.     If these violations reoccur the homeowner will be fined $100 a day until rectified.     Harry moved to approve fining, Linda second

Old Business

Reminder reporting on covenant violations: Kris week 1, Steve week 2,  Harry week 3, Linda week 4

Need updated quote for last entrance and all cart path crossings on stamped concrete within next 2 weeks     Kris/Missy

Ants in electrical had to have treated and electrical fixed for sprinklers update this has been fixed

Covenant renewal? Is there an expiration date?     No expiration, auto renews after 25 years

Rose bushes and Hogan have a disease and are dead. Update: this project has been completed

Steve Sherry Snow Cones on July 3rd was a success and we are still waiting on bill from Kona

Kris Adams signed the legal paperwork for the lien on 5525 Whistling Straight for unpaid dues

New Business

Ratify Evote replacement of Mailbox for Keith Shcluterman at 5105 Burnt Pine     Kris checking with Hal Crafton on mailbox procedure/payment

5120 and 5125 Burnt Pine mailboxes      Phyllis sending letters to fix their mailboxes

Date for annual meeting? Meeting date is August 17th 2020 Do we have everything locked down? Should we get signs for neighborhood? Should we stream live? And take questions at the end if appropriate? Do we require face masks to attend the meeting? Who should we get as special guest speakers?     Discussed RSVP invite to determine how many people are coming for spacing and food costs

Budget for next year:     Linda and Kris working on budget

Speed Humps on Centennial Club drive approved by city. $1500 per hump to

replace. Kris sending out Evote: Stephen moved for approval, Linda second

Yard of the month 5415 Whistling Straits Jerry and Ann Dumais

Board Term reelections and Reelection of officers what would you like to do within the board? Terms ending Kris Adams, LaTresha Woodruff, Molly Steely and one open position.     Kris, LaTresha staying, Molly leaving

Next Board meeting will be on August 17th 2020 after annual meeting

Adjourn: Stephen moved for approval, Harry second