Board Minutes – April 2022

CVNA Meeting Minutes for April


“X” Attended; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest 

Kris Adams



Missy Quinn

Vice President


Jeannie Stroth



Amy Fulmer


X LaTresha Woodruff X Steven Wallace
X Alan Kizer X Harry Smith X Melissa Reibe
X Steve Scherrey X Jessica Nichols

Brock King
Douglas Stephens
Aimee Dyson
Justin Charton

  • Call meeting to order
    5.30pm. 4/11/22 Kris Adams called the meeting to order
  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes
    Harry Smith – Motion to approve
    Alan Kizer – 2nd
    • Resident guests to discuss Signs
      Guests: Brock King, Douglas Stephens, Aimee Dyson joined the meeting to discuss the covenant rules, specifically #12 regarding signs.
      Brock pointed out that the comma in the sentence indicates a series of 4 items. Brock wants to be able to have a sign in his yard supporting Dr. David Naylor, his friend since childhood. We live together in our neighborhood community and also in the community of Conway.
      Covenant #12 included here for reference:

    Brock pointed out that soccer signs, baseball signs, etc… Easter church signs…  We have a lot of signs. Brock counted 25 signs on his way to our meeting. What does it take to have common sense change? A sign no bigger than 5 square feet? Place it in the flower bed? Limit the amount of time it can be displayed (i.e. during a school sporting season, holiday period, a political race….)
    Aimee Dyson asked what other high end neighborhood associations allow. She checked with Chenal Valley. They allow political signs. What do other neighborhoods do?
    Alan Kizer suggested the end result will be binary: We allow any/all signs or we prohibit all signs. Would allow professional signs that are required, e.g. For Sale signs, new construction. Remodel? New roof? Paint?
    If we change our covenants, what other changes are needed? Combine all covenants into one. Include subsections for square foot requirements.
    Stephen Wallace suggested that we reach out to the neighborhood and survey our members. Ask what they want. How do we do that? Flyer? Email? Combine a team (including the guests who want political signs) 

    Next steps:
    1. Kris Adams will take our covenant document to an attorney to review. The question is whether the interpretation brought forward by our guests is justified. 

    1. Rewriting the covenant document will be necessary. It is ambiguous and not clear. 
    2. Put a team together who are willing to go door to door to our neighbors. Brock King, Douglas Stephens and Aimee Dyson are available to be on the team. 

    Harry Smith recommended the annual meeting is the right venue and timing to have a vote by our membership for any changes that are proposed. 

    Total members = 261
    2/3 vote = 174

    Volunteers to help with survey:
    – Brock King. 501.499.4317
    – Douglas Stephens. 501.730.3988
    – Aimee Dyson. 501.831.4499

    Treasurer Report

  • Updates from Jeannie Stroth
    • How many new move ins have we had?
      – 3 YTD. $900. Addresses? 
    • Purchased dog waste bags $119.99
      – Steve — Motion.
      – Stephen. 2nd
      – Passed
    • Sirco – Does our Backflow testing every year. Work has been done. $225. Per Alan Kizer this is a very typical charge, regardless of who does the work. Jeannie approved Sirco to do the work. The board supports the decision and asked to find out what Travis Thessing charges.
    • Travis Thessing. Backflow Testing. What does he charge to test? Jeannie to follow up.


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn
  • Ratify Evotes
    Kris shared 3 items:
    1. Henderson. 3505 Burnt Pine. Fence submission
    2. Colclasure. Wingfoot new build
    3. David McClain. 5525 Whistling Straights. Pool submission
    Steve S – Motion to approve
    Stephen W – 2nd

    • Discuss pitch on roofs 7/12 minimum
      – Justin Charton joined the meeting to discuss his addition. The new roof will match the house. Discussion with Kris and Harry for more clarification. Missy joined by phone.

    Covenant violation:

    • Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected
      – 5515 Whistling Straits. Trailer. Notified twice. Next step is to sent a certified letter
      – Trash cans, 4 political signs, 5 trailers. Sent letters to all
    • Political signs
      – See notes above
    • Easter signs
      – No action. 
    • Rocks on Whistling Straits
      – Cleaned up

    Old Business:

  • Reminder that board members are required to attend 8 regular scheduled meetings
    • New Entrance is almost complete. We will need to start gathering quotes.
      – Stephen Wallace. Will look into Security System needs.
      – Stephen will get quotes for landscaping.
      – Travis. Get a quote.
      – Kris will ask for a quote from electrician guy (Lance Lawrence) for lighting

    New Business

      • Lights on Bay Hill Drive along pond bank? What kind of progress has been made on this project? Missy/Amy
        – Missy called the City of Conway. They will put 3 street lights up. 6 week out schedule. Will let Missy know if there’s any reason it cannot be done.
      • No Parking signs are missing. One will be put back up.

      • Garden Scapes will put out flowers will be put out at entrances
        – Should be this week. 
      • Advertising Signs at entrances
      • RPZs to be turned on in April
      • Easter egg drop for the kids at the club
        – Centennial Club. Melissa R is active with the Club.
        – Kids will gather behind 19th hole.
        – Helicopter egg drop at 2pm. 
      • Neighborhood Party at the pool committee
        – Melissa and Missy will work on it. 
      • Yard of the Month for April Brian and Tabatha Gunnels 5340 Plantation Cove
      • Volunteers to refill dog waste stations empty trash every two weeks.
        – 4 stations. Kris is asking who will step up to take on what he’s been doing… empty the trash can and refill the bags. No one volunteered. When he rolls off the board someone will need to take this task.

      • Quarterly communication through email. Melissa R will research

      • 6.54pm
        Melissa – Motion to adjourn
        Alan – 2nd

  • Next meeting is meeting Monday May 9th at 5:30 pm