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Board Minutes – April 2021

CVNA Meeting Minutes for April

Submitted by Jeannie Stroth


“X” Attended; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest 

Kris Adams



Missy Quinn

Vice President


Linda Beene Ballard



Amy Fulmer


X LaTresha Woodruff A Steven Wallace
A Joey Cook X Harry Smith A Melissa Reibe
A Steve Scherrey X Jeannie Stroth


  • 5.38pm. Meeting called to order.
  • Motion to approve March Minutes 🡪 Harry. 2nd 🡪 Linda. Approved.


Treasurer Report:

  • Linda. Nothing unusual. 
  • Insurance bundling not an option. Liability insurance paid for entrances. Board Liability will be paid in the fall.
  • Fairways entrance check written.
  • Spray for ants ordered.
  • Need to think of more projects. May have $$ left in the Maint budget. (Once the flower beds are done whatever money is left could be used to add flowers.)
  • Harry – St. Andrews entrance. Light needed on the sign. Street light is not effective.
  • Kris – 3 ½ foot high light could be an option. Missy suggested looking on Amazon and hiring an electrician.
  • Dues: 3 left.
    – Vickers. Need to file a 3rd lien. Letter will be sent.
    – Scott Taylor (lien). Letter will be sent.
    – Tom and Terri Anderson (lien). Letter will be sent.
  • Trash can for pet deposits. People are using the baggies and leaving them. Kris will offer to clean for now. Long term may need a different plan.
    – Motion to approve up to $200 for a trash can 🡪 Linda; 2nd 🡪 LaTresha. Approved.


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn.
  • One submission for a fence replacing a worn down one. 4600 Bay Hill Drive.
    – Motion to approve 🡪 Jeannie; 2nd 🡪 Harry. Approved.

Covenant violation:

  • Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected
  • Don Henderson. 1935 Centennial Club. Offroad ATV / cart. 
  • Tammy Brown. 1940 Centennial Club. Parking violation. Fixed. 
  • Chartan. 5240 Lost Canyon. Trash container. Fixed.
  • Lisa Murphy. 5090 Oakhurst Way. Landscape issues. Plastic chickens. Request a meeting? Send pictures of examples of what’s acceptable?
  • Darrel and Holly Gentry. 4665 Sawgrass. Trash can. 3rd notice. Built a screen.


Old Business:

  • Ratify any Evotes. Done. 
  • Email address still not working. Set up new email Missy and Melissa will handle. Consider an email for Treasurer as well. Change to Gmail. 
  • Melissa add Minutes to web page for March. April?
  • Stripes  on Speed Bumps added. Kris. 
  • Do we have any new move in homeowners to be visited? Challenging to get names. We can get addresses. Linda to reach out to Nancy (accountant) to get the address and date moved in.
  • Reminder of move in fees for new home owners at annual meeting 

New Business

  •  Did we renew the insurance policy. Paid (see above)
  • Rocks on the roads throughout the neighborhood. Jason Miller will clean up.
  • April YOM 5210 Lost Canyon Craig & Dana Cummings. Congrats to Craig and Dana.
  • Kids snow cone day? Sponsors or do we pay a portion? Holidays? Tuesday after Memorial Day?
    – Motion to approve $350 3x/year for Kona Ice Snow Cone Days 🡪 Harry. 2nd 🡪 Missy. Approved.

Projects for the summer:

  • StreetScapes quote for 18×18 instead of 12×12. Too expensive. Missy to email back. Price increased $1/square foot. 
  • Fairways entrance landscaping done. Flowers to be completed week of April board meeting.
  • Sliver lot new bed in progress; will be completed week of April board meeting.
  • Water is turned back on no pipes were broken but he had to replace a couple heads at Centennial Club Drive


  • Updates from Missy on a Neighborhood cookout
    – July 1st? (Tuesday before the 4th)
    – Missy checking on food trucks
    – Kris checking with City to shut down Bay Hill Drive.
  • Next meeting Monday, May 10th, 2021 at 5.30 pm

  • Motion to Adjourn 🡪 Harry. 2nd 🡪 Jeannie. Meeting adjourned at 7.01pm