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Board Minutes – March 2021

     CVNA Meeting Minutes for March 2021


X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent;

 “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest


Kris Adams President X

Missy Quinn

Vice President

X LaTresha Woodruff

Linda Beene Ballard


A Steven Wallace x Joey Cook

Amy Fulmer


Harry Smith x Jeannie Stroth
A Melissa Reibe x Steve Scherrey


  • Call meeting to order – 6:07
  • Go over and approve last meetings minutes- Steve Scherrey  motioned for approval Jeannie second


Treasurer Report:

               Updates from Linda Beene – sent separately

  • Report on unpaid dues how many do we have left? – Same 5 from last month, checking on Donnie Dietz selling his house 
  • What do we have left in the special projects budget?- $20,00 for special projects


  • Updates for approval from Missy Quinn – no new ACC submissions


Covenant violation:

  • Updates from Harry Smith on new violations and actions taken or corrected

–  4665 Sawgrass – trash can left out, Harry request and email and phone number with no response

– 5135 Lost Canyon Dr. – trailer moved 


  • Fairway Lawns signs – still removing signs, Harry called and emailed Adan Godsey 2/21/21


Old Business:

  • Ratify any Evotes – No new evotes 
  • Please add Minutes to web page for February – Melissa 
  • Did we get the emails sent out to those that are past due? – Missy sending 
  • Do we have any new move in homeowners to be visited? – 5220 Bay Town Keopple 

New Business

  •  Renewal of the insurance policy – this policy is good going forward $1350 for Insurance policy and $750 Liability, Missy checking if it would be lower if the Directors and Officers policy were put together
  • New speed humps are installed at Centennial Club drive – done – just need to be painted
  • New home sales revenue has been approved by an attorney. Do we wait to announce this at the annual meeting? – changed to $300 and $250 at closing, announcing at Annual meeting


Projects for the summer


  • Street Scapes for Lost Canyon wait for paving to be redone on the Fairways we need to get the city involved – 8717.76 plus tax for Lost Canyon entrance – Linda motioned for approval Jeannie second
  • Fairways entrance landscaping – Sliver lot – $2558.82 with tax – Steve Scherrey motioned for approval Harry second


  • Updates from Missy on a Rib cookoff. Who,what,when,where – no updates rethinking idea, Missy talking with Chef Bill, possible tailgate instead
  • Next meeting April 12,2021 at 6:00 pm – Meeting adjourned 7:21 – Jeannie motioned for approval Steve Scherrey second