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Board Minutes – July, 2018

“X” In attendance; “A” Absent; “S” Substitute sent; “R” Representative attended; “G” Guest
X Linda Beene Ballard X Jerry Dumais X Ed Ellis
X Mindy Pipkin X Phyllis Simon
X Molly Steely X Ted Smith
A Peggy Woosley X LaTresha Woodruff
X Kris Adams A Wayne Mannis

Summary of Topics, Decisions/Conclusions and Next Step/Action:

Call to Order Meeting was called to order by Linda.
Approval of minutes For monthly meetings of May 14, 2018 and June 11, 2018 minutes. Molly moved approval of minutes, Ted seconded, and passed. Mindy forwards to Phyllis who posts to web. Mindy, Phyllis
Financial reports and Annual Dues Ted reviewed the CPA’s financial statements. Phyllis discussed the budget & expenditures. Discussed adding budget area for contracted labor/employee.
HEARING on 4550 SC The homeowners had previously been notified of today’s meeting and offered a chance to appear and to address Board’s concerns for their yard and unpaid dues. They did not appear or present, although they had laid sod in partial yard to address some of the yard issues. Jerry moved, Ted seconded & passed to place a lien on the property for unpaid dues. Because the homeowners had made some attempts to address the yard concerns by laying sod, the Board held the yard issues in abeyance to allow the homeowners a chance to water the sod and continue improving the yard issues Notify homeowner & obtain services of attorney to file lien for unpaid dues. Linda
Yard/trash issues at 5305 Burnt Pine Trash left in yard, not mowed or weeds removed Jerry moved, Ted seconded & passed to seek lien on house for dues and yard improvement. Make contact with lender holding house in foreclosure.
(Situation improved by July 27) Linda
Signs for NO Parking on BH Pond Bank Hal Crafton has agreed to signs and will pay for two. Vendor for Lindsey properties signage has been identified. Phyllis has agreed to take over project. Phyllis will proceed with ordering and erecting signs. Phyllis
Drainage Issues north of Bay Hill Discussed drainage issues of concern to property owners Reportedly Hal Crafton will provide resources to address this problem. Ed
Weed/Grass Issues south of Bay Town Weeds are growing behind the fences of the property owners in houses facing Warwick Hills which back up to Burnt Pine. The board decided to notify the property owners of the concern which is seen as covenant violation. Linda
Mailboxes and Signs The contractor has started repainting and straightening the mailboxes on Bay Hill & CC. A number of homeowners have expressed how pleased they are with the results.
Accountant Fees The accountant is seeking a rate increase from $150 to $165 per month. Ted moved, Phyllis seconded & passed to pay Cory Sanders, CPA $165 per month for coming fiscal year. Linda notifies Cory, include in budget. Linda, Phyllis

Yard of Month contest Winners for August are Jim & Karen Hicks, Bay Town. Kris will request gift card from Plant Outlet. Kris
Roses & Liriope planted 70 new drift roses & 40 liriope plants have been planted. While this plan was voted on at May meeting, vendor delay caused many roses to die. Credit has been given for the dead plants, and new ones will be planted in fall.
Police Officers The Conway Police Department has increased patrols through the area, so the prior concerns such as unauthorized use of golf cart is still a work-in-progress.
Concrete Repair @ Bay Hill & Tyler cart path No invoice has been presented by CVCC on this repair bill. Derden Landscaping made the cut in concrete and has been contacted, asking for repair, no response.
Annual Meeting The annual meeting will be August 6, 2018, at Clubhouse Peg, Linda
Adjourn Jerry moved to adjourn at 7:45 p.m., Ted seconded, and passed. Next Board meeting will be August 6, 2018 following the annual meeting at the CVCC.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
By: _Mindy Pipkin _____ Date: July 9, 2018