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Board Minutes – September 2022

Minutes CVNA meeting 9/12/22

Alan Kizer, Steve Scherrey, Melissa Reibe, Jeannie Stroth, Stephen Wallace,
Karla Braswell

Melissa and Jeannie called meeting to order at 5:38 PM

Treasurer Report:
Jeannie Stroth discussed new construction amounts and who has paid.
Still a few outstanding , she gave out a list and we discussed. CD of $40,000
Will be coming due, interest rates are rising , might get higher yield.
Stephen Wallace and Alan Kizer motions to approve, passed.

Limited Discussion concerning Solar and what to do about it.
Discussed adding to bylaws.

Covenant Violations:
Steve will deliver a notice to 5250 Hudson Cove, Flower Bed issues
Steve will deliver a notice to 4423 Bay Hill Dr, Holiday Lights around the door.
Stephen Wallace will talk to home owners around drainage ditch.

Old Business:
Ideas for improvements to spend money.
Discussion of main Entrance and American Flag.
Discussion of Holiday lights last year and
Spending money to upgrade cameras.

Melissa and Jeannie call end to meeting adjourned.