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Board Minutes – February 2023

2-16-2023 CVNA MINUTES

Kris Adams, Missy Quinn, Alan Kizer, Jeannie Stroth, Jessica Nichols, David McClain
-5:29pm Called meeting to order
-January minutes approved by Jeannie Stroth and Alan Kizer
-Gainor & Blackwell paid dues
-5230 Lost Canyon unpaid dues
-5450 Lost Canyon unpaid dues
-8 new move ins
-paid $1000 in paypal fees: looking into different sites that will pass the fees onto the customer, switch
so we (POA) do not take the fee on as association
-5455 Wingfoot: committee approved elevation wall for driveway
-5500 Whistling Straits approved as submitted 1 st David McClain 2 nd Jeannie Stroth
-5430 Wingfoot Cove: Campbell approved as submitted 1 st Jeannie Stroth 2 nd Kris Adams
-Gainor: approved house with request of landscaping on eastside of basketball court 1 st David McClain
2 nd Jeannie Stroth
-4125 Bay Hill needs approval before any work is to be done (fence, deck)
-Salters has a green dumpster: Lost Canyon
-solar panel guidelines has been turned into attorney
-no update on soil on Fairways
-needing new board member asap
-quotes for new entrance
-March – Sept yard of the month
-pay invoice for dog bags
March 13 at 530pm at 19 th Hole
-6:33pm motion to adjourn, approved by 1 st Alan Kizer 2 nd David McClain